Monday, 3 October 2016

Sugar is the most detrimental juotuna

For breakfast, two deciliter of plain yoghurt with hillosilmän, a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice. Sounds like a decent breakfast, but contains a surprising amount of sugar. If the energy consumption of 1800 calories, half-day sugar quota is met in this setting the table early in the morning, calculates a licensed dietician Hanna Partanen .

Makeuttamattomistakin and fresh juices accumulate unnoticed sugar. They can be a sugar about as much as ordinary limsoissa. If you drink the juice on an empty stomach, the sugar is rapidly absorbed from the intestine into the blood, and blood sugar They provide a lot of vitamins, minerals and fibers. Fiber, the sugar is absorbed evenly and does not cause the same kind of blood sugar levels spike as the sugar juice. Although acidic berries would add a touch of sugar, which can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. Moderation, however, even, a day for up to five fruit is enough.
Sugar is bad food in the world currency, because it contains empty energy. The sugar is not vitamins and minerals.Too much sugar will appear soon at the waist. If you replace sokerihötöllä decent food, diet impoverished and important nutrients can not stay without, Partanen says.levels rise sharply.Watery drinks, such as juices, soft drinks and energy drinks, hulahtavat stomach "through" and do not add saturation. Sweet drinks are deceptive because they are consumed in food on the other.
Sokerilimsojen large consumers has been found to be more fatter.

They get sick more likely to have metabolic syndrome, adult onset diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease, says Professor of Internal Medicine Marja-Riitta Taskinen.The excess of sugar in the body more low-grade inflammation, which is considered to contribute to the formation of many diseases.In Finland the use of sugar will not Taskinen still pose a great risk, as opposed to, for example, in the United States and the Middle East and Asian countries.
In adults, the daily sugar consumption will remain on average within the limits of the recommendations, but some of the children and teenagers to drink sweet drinks and sweet snacks eat more than recommendations.
Sugar is a nutrient challenging to both consumers and nutritionists. The resulting number is difficult to perceive.The recommendations remain easier when the weeds out hidden sugar sources, and enjoys sweet rarely and in moderation, advises Partanen.


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